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Did you know?

The effects of music on the mind and the body have been well-studied with documented outcomes.

Music has been associated with alleviating depression, anxiety, mood, emotional distress, and even perceived pain.1-2-3

Music also has been used as therapy for stress management and stress-related disorders, and has been shown to affect human physiology by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, and the levels of stress-related hormones including cortisol. 4

1. “Music and health--what kind of music is helpful for whom? What music not?” (2009).  

2. “Emotional foundations of music as a non-pharmacological pain management tool in modern medicine.” (2011).

3. “The psychological functions of music listening.” (2013).

4. " Positive Emotions and the Endothelium: Does Joyful Music Improve Vascular Health?” (2008).

concerts & playlists with purpose
Mindful Music Virtual Concert Series
Music Meets Medicine DocuSeries
Behind the Music Series
Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance Ensemble at UCLA
15 Minute Music Series: Cheerful & Calming Flutes
health care organizations
deserves the power of music
High-stress hospitals and scientific research environments
deserve a dose of care. 
 We came together to make the healing power of music accessible 
to health professionals, researchers,
& scientists making breakthroughs for humanity. 
Surgeons in Operating Room

UCLA Health Professional

Thank you for keeping it on time and making it work within my lunch hour; My colleagues and I enjoy these relaxing and wonderful performance from so many talented individuals. Keep up the excellent program. Thank You!


UCLA Faculty Scientist

I love being able to learn different genres of music, I never can afford the best seats at concerts and here I get the best seats ever. It takes me outside the work a day world for a short time and it opens my mind and heart and gets the creative juices flowing. I am moved by others hard work, talent and skill. I am truly grateful for this lovely gift that UCLA offers. Thank you very much.

Scientist on Computer

UCLA Grants Administrator

Mindful Music is a brilliant idea founded by Dalida Arakelian. Thank you for presenting this opportunity that would help people especially ones who are under very stressful situations, regarding health, finance or fears created by the media and politicians.