nourish your mind & spirit
healthcare & science
deserves the power of music
High-stress hospitals and scientific research environments
deserve a dose of care. 
 We came together to make the healing power of music accessible 
to health professionals, researchers,
& scientists making breakthroughs for humanity. 
watch, listen, & learn 
Did you know?

The effects of music on the mind and the body have been well-studied with documented outcomes.

Music has been associated with alleviating depression, anxiety, mood, emotional distress, and even perceived pain.1-2-3

Music also has been used as therapy for stress management and stress-related disorders, and has been shown to affect human physiology by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, and the levels of stress-related hormones including cortisol. 4

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4. " Positive Emotions and the Endothelium: Does Joyful Music Improve Vascular Health?” (2008).

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