Our mission is deliver music to uplift your mind and spirit.
what we do
Our mission is deliver music to uplift your mind and spirit.
to care for health professionals, researchers, and scientists making breakthroughs for humanity. 
Since 2014, we are grateful to the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA for their generosity in supporting our mission.
Mindful Music started as a group of physicians, musicians, and community leaders who believe in the power of music to improve mental health and overall well-being.
In 2014, the pilot project produced a live concert series for medical students at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine where a research study was conducted measuring the impact of live music on stress levels. 
In 2015, the program became an established part of UCLA, providing hundreds of live concerts across professional schools, such as UCLA School of Law, Medicine, Nursing and the greater UCLA Medical Center and campus. As an organization we selected performers who aligned with our mission performing to be that dose of care to people working in high-stress hospitals and scientific research environments.
Mindful Music made the healing power of music accessible to health professionals, researchers, & scientists making breakthroughs for humanity.
Since the COVD19 outbreak in 2020, Mindful Music YouTube Channel is now home to our virtual concerts, curated playlists, and several docuseries. We strive to preserve the continuity of our concerts especially at a time when people need a spark of hope and inspiration the most.


we are always eager to listen to our audience to better serve their needs

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we produce live & virtual concerts productions from the UCLA Semel Institute Auditorium & our YouTube Channel


we partner with award-winning performers who align with our mission & care about giving back


we curate calming, relaxing music from classical, jazz, and world music genre