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Artist Preview: A Video Interview with Francesco Berta

Get up close and personal with our featured summer artist performing this Wednesday, celebrating Hospital & Clinics Recognition Week at UCLA Health

Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience Francesco Berta's in a virtual concert performing from Brescia, Italy, on Wednesday, August 12th @ 12:15 pm PST RSVP here.

Take this time to unplug from distractions and feel the remarkable, breath-taking music to renew the rest of your work day and week. This program is sponsored by the UCLA Health CICARE Service Excellence team, celebrating Hospital & Clinics Recognition Week.

Don't have time to listen to the entire interview? Pick and choose from the highlights below.

Simply scroll the video to the time stamp indicated next to each question:

Introduction 0:00

Can you tell us about where you are from in Italy and your background in music? 0:15

The Most Important Part of Your Music 0:48

Did you study music and composition? 1:57

Who do you collaborate with? 3:10

Where can audience listen to your music? 12:12

Do you feel like your process is healing? 11:20

What do you hope to say through your performance for UCLA Health? 4:05

How do you think your music can help people relax? 4:43

(This is my favorite one!) The Piano & Getting Still 5:50

What is your goal as an artist? 8:30

Is there anything else you hope to say to the audience? 13:10

Follow and listen to Francesco Berta's music:

Website: https://www.francescoberta.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francesco.berta/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eUWwGtcTxRqDznmUGmQqZ?si=BrPSbECcSiKFzi2kozQXRw