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Founder Discusses Mantra: "Healthcare Deserves Music"& What's Next

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Founder Dalida Arakelian, embarked on a mission over 6 years ago to bring music into health care systems and scientific organizations as a dose of care and relief away from the stressors of the day.

Today, she discusses her mantra: "Healthcare Deserves Music" and what's next for Mindful Music.


Tell us about your background. Why music and health care?

Music has always been an oasis for me. I grew up taking classical piano lessons. It was the safe place I went to freely express myself and connect with the power of melodies beyond words. I listened to romantic music and always searched for music from Italy, France, Spain, and the Middle East. The rhythms and lyrics always resonated and comforted me, especially in difficult moments.

Once I entered college, it was the breaking point where I decided to not study music. I kept practicing and exploring on my own. I chose Economics instead because business was in my blood; I was always around my grandparents who were entrepreneurs, so it just clicked. By my second year I applied for a Public Health minor. I cared about population health, particularly preventive care, because so many of the diseases in our world are in fact preventable.

So each subject satisfied a part of me- except, I didn't know how to apply all of them together to make something new.

That's where the dreaming, experimenting, and doodles came in...

Why did you get stuck on bringing music and health care together?

Dalida's Journal of Doodles
It's common sense, really. It actually still bothers me that there isn't a standardized way of distributing carefully curated music into health care organizations. It is the most vulnerable place on Earth, so why would music be left out? This is what I continue working on today.

I kept repeating the questions, journaling them, and talked to random strangers I met along my journey. "Why is music absent from health care? How can we fix it?"

Eventually, I asked the questions to people who showed immediate interest in learning more about my idea and become my mentors, supporters, and advocates.

Is this why your mantra is "Healthcare deserves music"?

Yes, I believe the health care system is deprived of the most essential activities, such as music, art, color, nature, that are more accessible in day to day life. These elements keep us balanced as human beings.

How did you come up with the name "Mindful Music"?

I thought about it for over 6 months after designing the pilot project.

I needed a name, a lasting one.

I doodled and brought a few concepts to visionary supporters, Jane & Terry Semel.

Dalida's journal of Doodle Concepts

I held them up and Terry pointed to, "Mindful Music, people will always search music. And mindfulness is popular and healing."

I remember that day vividly, I was ECSTATIC. I knew something meaningful was going to come of all these visions I kept having.

You just released a documentary about Mindful Music, what do you hope comes out of it?

I hope to raise awareness of our mission and educating viewers about the importance of music for our health care systems and our communities.

There has to be a thoughtful way to execute an idea and keep it alive. I hope other health care systems are inspired to inquire and integrate what we've designed into their systems to improve their work force morale and patient interaction.

The COVD19 Outbreak put a wrench in live concert productions and big gatherings, so what is Mindful Music doing now as an organization?

Our content has reached people in 34 countries as we continue to regularly create, design, and release videos featuring performers who deeply care about wellness and healing.

Our vision is to be a trusted source of calming, relaxing, and educational music content. We will continue cultivating an online community by creating and releasing content 2x per week, Wednesdays & Sundays across our 3 series: virtual livestream concerts, curated playlist series, and Fresh Sundays.

Our official website blog features 2-3 articles per week featuring a Q&A Interview Series, more details about upcoming releases, and How-To guides for navigating our content.

We hope to expand our offerings and add 1-2 new video series, including video interviews with health professionals about the impact of music on our health individually and on a community level.

I really hope to partner with more health systems and integrate our content into their wellness programs for their work force and patients.

What is your goal as a creative director, musician, and producer?

I want to help people be their best self- physically, mentally, spiritually. It all begins with being aligned. Music and nature has helped me in this way, music helps me get still, reflect, and refresh. I hope to extend what music and nature has done for me, to the hearts of viewers.

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