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Mindful Music on Daily Bruin Front Page Report

Mindful Music performances promote wellness of medical center staff, patients

An Excerpt: "Niloo Nobakht, a doctor at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, believes it is important to bring music into clinical applications and raise public and patient awareness of its psychological and physiological benefits. Music intervention has been proven to decrease anxiety and depression levels, speed up recovery processes, decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure, ultimately leading to a healthy brain, kidney and heart, she said. Nobakht added that programs such as Mindful Music are important in educating others about the role music plays in improving wellness. “Each of (the artists), no matter what type of instrument or genre of music that they are playing, they take us to another level of resting of the mind,” Nobakht said. “And when you are done, you feel refreshment already physiologically and psychologically.

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