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Jordan Daniels: Finding peace in playing the piano

Jordan Daniels performs in the Mindful Music Session- Peaceful Piano.

Tune in October 21st, for the premiere our YouTube Channel at 12:15pm PST to inspire hope and inner peace.

You lead quite an interesting life in 2 worlds- music and software engineering.

How do you balance both? How do you use your musical talent as an outlet to cope with overwhelm, pressure, distress?

I always try to practice piano every day. Practicing helps to keep me refreshed and allows me to deal with every day issues. I usually don’t find it difficult to find an hour or two of time to practice. 

Can you share a few of your favorite classical songs that have helped you improve the daily pressures of life? For me, it’s not so much that music helps to improve life, but rather life helps to improve music. Going through different experiences in life, such as feeling stress or sadness, helps me to relate and understand a piece of music that I am listening to or practicing. 

What is one memorable collaboration you were a part of? Definitely playing Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin with ICYOLA at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

That was a dream come true. Performing with such talented musicians at a prestigious venue put a lot of pressure on me to practice harder and to become a better musician.

What attracted you to be featured for Mindful Music?

I really like Mindful Music’s mission to provide music to UCLA Health staff for relaxation and stress relief. The music fraternity that I was a part of at UCLA, Phi Mu Alpha, also had a very similar mission: to play music to help heal and lift the spirits of those in need. Performing in this way allows for the music to create a special memory for the listeners.

About the Peaceful Piano Program:

This program features pieces by three composers: Frederic Chopin, Alexander Scriabin, and William Grant Still. Each piece in this program is in a major key, which generally creates an uplifting atmosphere for the audience. The Nocturne in E Flat Major was written somewhere between 1830 and 1832 in Paris, when Chopin was around 20 years old and gaining popularity.  I believe Chopin had a certain longing for his home in Poland at this time, and was reflecting on fond memories in this piece. The Four Selected Preludes of Op 11 by Scriabin were written  in 1895 when the composer was 23 years old. Summerland was known to be a therapeutic piece for William Grant Still, and he was seen listening to this piece during stressful times.

Where are you from?

Highland, California

Where can we listen to your music?

YouTube and Instagram @decentgamepiano