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Music Video produced with pediatric patients for UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

“Morning Song” by Hello Noon, for UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital now featured on UCLA Health YouTube Channel

Our Mindful Music team entered the Pediatrics Unit at the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center on a mission to engage and uplift children who are fighting short and long term illness, using a participatory live music session for the entire unit.

This music video was made to serve as a torch of hope for patients and families. Our team wanted to shed light on the power of music on the Pediatric Unit as a community, from the bravery, strength, and beautiful personalities of the child patients as well as the doctors, nurses, and staff. We approached patients like Angey, who was lying on her bed watching TV with her sister, and surprised them with a chance to make music. Within minutes, Angey played with a xylophone and violin joining musicians Stephen Spies and Kate Bacich. Together with her care team and other children in the Pediatrics Unit, Angey made music and an average day turned into a unique experience for the children, parents, and staff.

Between the uncertainty of health outcomes and stressful environment, nobody wants to be in the hospital. Live music has the power to uplift patients, family members, nurses, administrators, doctors, technicians, janitors, and many others involved, to serve these patients and aid in their healing process. We work closely with the Pediatrics Unit to strategically schedule music sessions to best benefit patients and families who endure a lot of testing and treatments during the day, as well as staff who have specific transition times for shift changes.

“It was a remarkable experience working with the children at the Pediatrics Unit. I was holding in tears of empathy and joy watching the children shine and forget their pain while they played and listened to music. It was a beautiful heartwarming moment that will show through this video,” stated Melody Miller, award-winning filmmaker and mastermind behind the video. Melody is a dedicated creative storyteller, who was awarded the Women in Film Award and the Motion Picture Association of America Award for her work empowering women and children around the world through film.

Stephen Spies and Kate Bacich, from the band, Hello Noon, wrote and performed the song to raise awareness about the impact of live music on children in the Pediatrics Unit.

Some of their most fulfilling musical moments have come from their experience teaching piano, guitar, and ukulele to patients at Miller Children’s Hospital, as well as performing for pediatric patients at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica.

The ripple effect of hope and joy begins with one melody.