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Take It Easy: New Playlist Dedicated to UCLA School of Nursing

Have you ever heard your favorite classical piano pieces in an arrangement with a bass?

This week, Don't miss Shanice Aaron, pianist, and John Mietus, bassist, collaborating virtually between Los Angeles, CA and Ohio sharing one-of-a-kind arrangements.

Learn more about Shanice and John on our Q&A Interview Series Blog Post.

Featuring unusual soothing arrangements of:

  • J.S. Bach's uplifting Air on the String of G

  • Beethoven's serene Moonlight Sonata

  • Chopin's moving Nocturne in C# Minor

all perfect to listen to after a long stressful day.

This playlist is dedicated to the UCLA School of Nursing, educating over 600 nursing students with over 60 staff members and 42 faculty, all working towards making our world a healthier place to be living.

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