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Not Your Ordinary Filmmaker: Behind the Mindful Music Documentary

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Jin Chohan is not your ordinary filmmaker. He has worked on a variety of projects from CNN Documentaries to collaborating with artists from around the world to premiering his own documentary at TLC Theaters in Hollywood.

The English filmmaker is the mastermind behind our upcoming Mindful Music: The Story Documentary, premiering June 10th at 12:15pm PST, on our YouTube Channel


Tell us about your background in filmmaking.

Originally, I was making videos for weddings and parties in England and creative visuals and commercial advertisements for artists. When moved to LA, I studied filmmaking at UCLA. I started creating adverts for companies and making visuals and creative stuff for artists. People would give me the projects, I would deal with it, and I give them the end product.

I moved into documentary filmmaking, I made one last year. I love the whole process of it.

What does the Mindful Music: The Story documentary mean to you?

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This documentary means to me, if you have something that you want to achieve, that is important to you and you implement it in the right way, you can achieve it. So, [Dalida] your story is quite amazing actually, that is what I wanted to portray.

I worked on it a hell of a lot, [laughs] to show it. I wanted to show the story in the correct way, with the right arc.

What makes your creative perspective different?

I like to make people think. I have a movie pane in my head all the time.

Well not all the time, when there is a project and I need to think about the angles.

It just happens, I can't really explain, I can just see it in my mind.

What other film projects have you worked on?

I worked for a TV company and I did editorial work for a bunch of CNN documentaries called the 2000’s which is really good. I also worked for another company, producing adverts for them.

Projects I’ve worked on personally, I did a documentary last year which was featured at the TLC Theater and got a lot of traction.

The main project I’m working on now, which will hopefully, fingers crossed, be out next year. I’m thinking probably at the end of next year, it’s going to take me a long time to work on it.

Hopefully I can get it on Netflix or some big streaming service.

It’s about something slightly controversial, I have a different perspective on. It's about the media, which can tell us what to think rather than giving us the news.

What is one memorable collaboration you were a part of?

There's a few- the company I was working with, making advertisements, I worked with celebrities, such as Chris Tucker, I remember, yea that was pretty cool.

Lisaraye McCoy, I did a video with her, and produced an advert. It’s interesting to see how other people work.

Also, BuzzFeed, they sent me to certain places before COV19. I think all of them have been memorable.

Red carpet events and mansion parties- quite a different world to see.

What attracted you to produce videos for Mindful Music?

See, with Mindful Music I like the message, what it's about, which is what attracted me. I liked that my ideas were taken on board, I felt that our visions was in the same direction. To be able to help with this topic, to help people who are literally saving peoples lives, you can’t help but want to help in that field somehow, in some way.

What do you hope to say through filmmaking?

I hope to change people's perspectives to show them the truth on certain topics. To make people think. Like the one [film] I’m working on in the moment. Just to make people think and show them the truth. That’s really it.

Who are you influenced by?

In filmmaking, I’m influenced by, there are two guys- Ezra Edelman, he made a documentary a couple years ago actually about O.J. It’s a really good documentary, it’s actually a historical cantor of everything that happened at that time. He is an incredible storyteller. Another is Spike Lee also, I like how he tells stories, it’s quite to the point, concise, and not too fancy.

I think Netflix documentaries are getting a bit too much.

What is your goal as a filmmaker/director?

I want to be an independent director in the end. Have a topic, work on and release it. Literally like an artist, make an album, hide, and release it. That’s what I want to do.

I want to be an independent director.

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Interview conducted & written by Dalida Arakelian