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Soundtrack Themes of Lalo Schifrin Inspiring Imagination on Fresh Sundays

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Today's feature inspires imagination and a sense of wonder through new lands.

French duo, Nicolas Mazmanian, pianist and Vincent Beer-Demander, mandolinist perform famous Soundtrack Themes of film composer, Lalo Schifrin, arranged by Nicolas Mazmanian.

This one of a kind performance was recorded live from the UCLA Semel Institute Auditorium with Lalo Schifrin in the audience. Don't miss his "merci" at the end of the video!

Click here to watch & listen, premiering Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 11:00am PST on our YouTube Channel

Nicolas Mazmanian is an award-winning pianist and composer. His musical style is lyrical and moving, easily accessible to any listener.

Mazmanian has won several prizes and awards including First Prize and Audience Prize at the Henri Sauguet International Chamber Music Competition in Martigues, French National’s Assembly Medal, Marseille’s City Medal, Henri Tomasi’s prize, Florilège d’or National’s academy Encouragement of artistic création (Le Cannet), and Jean-Gabriel Marie’s Prize of the Sciences Arts and letters Academy of Marseille.

Mazmanian has received many commissions.. The Opera of Marseille commissioned a symphony which was premiered in 2010 under the direction of Guy Condette.

His William Conrad Orchestra Suite by the Czech National Orchestra in Prague is very well known. He's worked with the Orchestre Régional PACA de Cannes conducted by Philippe Bender, for 5 consecutive seasons and premiered: Les toits de Prague, William Conrad conducted by Lionel Bringuier, Diasporama conducted by Philippe Bender, Les toits de Prague (reprise) conducted by S.R Yang. Passionate about Armenian music Nicolas Mazmanian has collaborated with the Doudouk player Levon Minassian. He currently conducts the traditional orchestra Keram.

He has collaborated with several well known artists such as counter-tenor Alain Aubin and Vincent Beer Demander, mandolinist, for the creation of his works.

Mazmanian studied piano at the Conservatoire de Marseille and at the Conservatoire de Rouen. He has a state diploma in piano teaching and has taught at the Conservatoire National de région de Marseille.

For more information please visit his website: https://www.nicolasmazmanian.com/