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Take 8 Minutes and Experience Romance in Venice

Summer 2020 has changed as we know it. However, the landscape of current events won't change the way music makes us feel. In fact, music can help us now more than ever, improving our mood, outlook, and transporting us into another dimension.

This week, check out our 8 Minute Music Series with a theme of Romance in Venice. The romantic, easy to listen to set of 3 piano pieces by Felix Mendelssohn have been staples in the piano world for hundreds of years. Many of the "Songs with Words" pieces by the German composer are known as "Venetian Boat Songs," a beautiful visual to think about when listening.

Oliver Chan's performance evokes feelings of travel, wonder, and romance, perfect to listen to just when you need to be transported for under 10 minutes to another land. Chan's attention to detail is memorizing and expertise on the keyboard is a joy to experience, virtually, leading any listener to a pleasant, relaxed mindset.


I. Songs without Words, Op. 53, No. 5

II. Songs without Words, Op. 53, No. 2

III. Songs without Words, Op. 67, No. 2

About the Pianist

Oliver Chan received his Master of Music from UCLA, under the tutelage of the internationally acclaimed pianist, Prof. Walter Ponce. Chan also studied with Yamaha Artist, Inna Falliks, June Choi Oh at the Preparatory Division of San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Cheng Ning in Hong Kong.

Known for his sophisticated technical skills combined with an artistic touch, Chan has participated in many competitions and received numerous awards such as honorable mention for the UCLA All-star competition, as well as the Westwood-Brentwood Concerto Competition, 2010; 3rd prize winner of the Rubinyi Scholarship Competition in 2012; Recipient of the Alpert Mimi Feldman Scholarship, 2013; Finalist for the 2nd International Gershwin Competition, and the 2015 Frances Walton Competition.