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Q&A with Vincent Corver, Performing Live Piano with Our World Film

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This week we are featuring Vincent Corver, Steinway & Sons Artist, performing May 20th from Zurich, Switzerland on our YouTube Channel

Vincent, we are inspired by your positive energy around music and fluid approach, working across genres with your piano talent.

Vincent, tell us about your background in music?

I’m a classically trained concert pianist, taught in Royal Academy in London & Royal Conservatory in Holland. My training is strictly classical. It was very thorough and strict which contributed to my playing ability. The environment allowed me to be around other like minded musicians. It was life changing for me.

Who are you influenced by?

Stravinsky, I think he’s the greatest living composer. I’m inspired by him to create music. In 1913 his premiere of Rite of Spring was a big turning point for music. People disagreed with his modern take of music which was profound to do things differently.

Another artist is Michael Jackson. I performed in his presence and through this experience it helped me understand how he creates music.

Tell us about your upcoming virtual concert and what makes it different?

I’m excited to offer a concert with a live video screen, not many other concerts out there will offer the same. Our World, a timelapse documentary, by Martin Heck of Timestorm Films captures the real genuine sense of nature. We need to be more aware instead of destroying mother nature and learn how we should take care of her. Perhaps the current climate with COVD19 has given mother nature a break. The timing of this film and program couldn’t be better. This live film concert, music together with the film, is improvised, unique, only performance of its kind, played in sync with what is happening on the screen.

Where have you performed?

All over the world, really, just not in Asia yet.

What is one memorable collaboration you were a part of?

I’m always thinking about the next collaboration. I feel so lucky to have the chance to work with wonderful composers and artists such as Steve Reich and Paul Van Dyk.

What attracted you to perform for Mindful Music?

The company is as good as the person behind it, Dalida. I really believe in you as a musical friend. For this reason I believe in Mindful Music. Your cause is incredible, making music to help uplift and relieve stress for health care providers and all the people behind saving lives on our planet. I don’t think there is anything greater than that.

What do you hope to say through your music?

We try to communicate love. Music is the universal language of love. If there is one person you can inspire from your music, it’s worth it. The message from my music can be interpreted differently for every person, I never want to force an idea on people.

I would hope to say, “See you soon again.”

What is your goal as an artist?

Leaving a musical legacy, making a difference with piano music, integrating with different styles, classical, film, EDM. Re-define piano music as its known, with a greater musical context. Not more complex, actually with greater depth with more layers, texture, balanced creativity, and expression. My goal is to be happy with what it is that I do- the journey matters more than the destination.

Follow and listen to Vincent Corver's music:

Website: http://www.vincentcorver.com/index.html

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vincentcorver/

Purchase Sheet Music: http://www.vincentcorver.com/scores.html

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1lRA1KIPg7zqr9OLudN9xq?si=yFZMDGUKRt2epmlEhmF6Fw

Interview conducted & written by Dalida Arakelian