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Viva La Vida Coldplay Prolific Guitar Cover on Fresh Sundays

Tune in every Sunday for a new song to inspire the day and week ahead

In today's feature, Dylan Galvin performs a prolific guitar cover of the Coldplay favorite, "Viva La Vida," using a loopstation. A perfect song to inspire fresh energy.

Click here to watch & listen, premiering Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 11:00am PST on our YouTube Channel

Hand chosen by Paul Simon for a private songwriting session in Boston MA, Dylan Galvin is a melodic pop-folk songwriter who likes to add a touch of quirkiness and a dash of philosophy to his emotionally based music.  Earning a degree from Berklee College of Music, Dylan studied under some of the best musicians in the world, including John Mayer's own guitar teacher, Tomo Fujita and James Taylors quaint and talented brother, Livingston.  

He's racked up quite a few awards for his music including "IMEA Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year", "Phoenix Radio Best Guitarist", "ISC Honorable Mention", "Berklee Songwriting Competition Winner". He is an introverted storyteller at heart, weaving words into his intricate acoustic finger-style guitar playing, looking at the world with careful discernment and trying to balance his inner optimist and pessimist.  

For more information please visit his website: https://www.dylangalvin.com/