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YouTube Tips to be Virtual Concert Ready!

Your voice matters now more than ever as Mindful Music transitions to virtual broadcasting, through YouTube

We created a handy tips to navigating our playlists and virtual concerts!

The purpose of this blog post is to assure you that by engaging with our YouTube Channel, you won't be spammed or tracked.

In fact you will be helping grow our community and receive more uplifting relaxing content. Win-Win for all of us!

Below is a screenshot of what you'd see if you were waiting for the upcoming virtual concert on May 20th, linked here.

Please see the tips about what each button means and why your engagement with us matters:

  1. Waiting to view a video premiere? - Set a Reminder- this helps you to remember to view the concert (you'll receive an email notification) and helps us count how many people are eagerly waiting to view the concert!

  2. Want to share the video with others?- Click the Share Button- sharing is the greatest way to spread the uplifting power of music we hope the concert gives you. Sharing the video brings more awareness to our cause and strengthens our community!

  3. Are you wow'ed by what you're experiencing? Click the thumbs up button- YouTube will actually deliver more relaxing content to you as a user and promote the video with more likes, raising awareness about us!

  4. Want more info about the program? Click "SHOW MORE" and the entire program description, links to the artist, and more will appear- this is a great educational resource that will dig deeper into the music and the artist you're viewing!

  5. Want to receive notification of our newly published content? Click SUBSCRIBE- this is the most important button, as you'll be opt-ing in to receive notifications from us, nobody else. We won't be spamming you with irrelevant info or selling your information. We just want to keep sharing great music that helps you relax and feel good, which is one step closer to a more peaceful world.